Actim Fecal Blood info

Actim Fecal Blood INFO

Test procedure

The test procedure of Actim Fecal Blood test is easy but should be done exactly according to the instructions for use.

NOTE! It is important that the inverting movement is not too abrupt, a peaceful inversion is vital for the correct performance of the test. Also, the tube must not remain upside down.

The instructions for use have been updated to be more precise and the correct test procedure can also be checked  in our YouTube channel.

Sample handling

Actim Fecal Blood test offers exceptionally hygienic testing and sample handling. The closed system prevents buffer from leaking if open tube falls and there is no need to open the tube for testing. The special cone in the sampling device adjusts the amount of feces meaning that the sample volume is always optimal even if there is excessive amount of feces in the sampling stick.