New Actim brochures

Several Actim brochures have been upgraded to reflect the fresh Actim feel and look and to include the latest and the most recent information.

Actim PROM and Actim Partus brochures

The new editions of Actim PROM and Actim Partus brochures contain clinical evidence to further strengthen the high-quality of the tests. In addition, the ease-of-use, reliability, and other key benefits are presented in a clear, simple way. Download the brochures to learn more!

Please also visit the Actim Partus scientific materials section for the latest publications.

Actim Influenza A&B and Actim CRP brochures

Both Actim Influenza A&B and Actim CRP brochures are renewed to be in line with the new Actim look. Please click below to download yours.