Actim® 1ngeni system

Digital confidence in pregnancy monitoring.


Digital confidence in pregnancy monitoring

The Actim® 1ngeni instrument offers automated analysis, display, and saving of Actim PROM and Actim Partus test results. The combination of the clinical accuracy of Actim testing with the reliability of digitally interpreted test results make both testing and documentation worry-free and reliable.

The Actim 1ngeni instrument can be used to digitally interpret test results. As Actim 1ngeni automatically saves and interprets test results, data traceability is improved and more time can be devoted to patients.

The Actim 1ngeni instrument makes point-of-care testing easier, faster, and more secure than before. Validated and accurate test results are available for recording or printing within 5 minutes.

Actim 1ngeni system | key facts

  • Test results connected to patient and test identification
  • Results available in 5 minutes
  • Automated interpretation and recording of test results
  • Easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • Small instrument takes up little space
  • Data output in variable forms to match your preferences
  • Comprehensive audit trail, including patient ID, user ID, date and time, and reagent data
  • Customizable to your specific QC and testing needs

How it helps

Actim Partus 1ngeni

How Actim 1ngeni helps

Actim 1ngeni brings the confidence of digital analysis to pregnancy monitoring. The instrument provides optimized result interpretation by minimizing errors in test handling. All results are traceable and connected to patient and test identifiers, which improves reliability and quality of testing.

Because Actim 1ngeni automatically interprets and saves results after the appropriate read time, it allows health care staff to spend more time with the patient. The results can then be checked at a convenient moment.

Actim 1ngeni is ingenious – here’s why

  • Automation saves time and ensures consistency
  • Compact size requires little space
  • Simple interface is logical and easy to navigate
  • Traceable data provides clear, comprehensive documentation
  • Customizable to your specific professional needs

How to use it

Actim 1ngeni is used in 6 easy steps

Extract specimen

Place the swab in the Specimen Extraction Solution, swirl around vigorously for 10-15 seconds, and discard the swab

Prepare the instrument

Log into the instrument. Select ”Test” icon and select “Patient test” icon.

Enter patient ID either manually or with a barcode reader.

Activate the test and start the procedure

Place the yellow dip area of the test into the extracted sample and hold it there until you see the liquid front enter the result area.

Remove the dipstick from the solution, place it in the cartridge, and insert the cartridge inside the Actim 1ngeni.

Interpret test results

  • Positive and negative results are shown on the screen.

How to order it

How to order Actim 1ngeni

The Actim 1ngeni instrument package includes

  • Instrument
  • Power supply and adapters for international use
  • Fitting ferrites for USB accessories
Actim 1ngeni instrument

Ordering information:

  • Actim 1ngeni instrument | product code 19101AC

Test kits are available separately:

  • Actim PROM 1ngeni 10 tests kit | product code 30831RETAC
  • Actim Partus 1ngeni 10 tests kit | product code 31931RETAC


  • USB-connected printer
  • Barcode reader/scanner
  • External battery


MDSAP 13485 and ISO 13485 can be found here.

Actim 1ngeni software

The latest Actim 1ngeni instrument software version is and the latest version of the test package for PROM and Partus tests is . Both software are available upon request.

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