Actim® Influenza A&B

Fast and easy flu testing with no laboratory equipment.


The key to early flu diagnosis

Actim® Influenza A&B detects and differentiates between influenza A and B virus antigens from respiratory samples in just 10 minutes.

Influenza is a respiratory infection caused by influenza viruses. The seasonal flu epidemics are caused by two main types of influenza viruses – A and B – which infect around 10% of the population every year. The symptoms of influenza are similar to the symptoms caused by other, less severe viral infections. However, it is important to distinguish between influenza and common cold, since influenza is more likely to result in hospitalization, or even death.

Actim Influenza A&B is designed to give quick and reliable answers on the spot. Early diagnosis of influenza allows antiviral treatment to reduce the duration and severity of the illness. In addition, the detection of influenza reduces unnecessary use of antibiotics, and it helps take preventive actions in a timely manner to limit the spread of the infection.

Actim Influenza A&B in a nutshell

  • The test rapidly detects influenza A and B from various respiratory sample types.
  • Actim Influenza A&B detects various influenza A subtypes, including swine and avian flu.
  • The easy-to-use one-step dipstick test gives test results at the bedside in just 10 minutes.
  • No laboratory resources or sample processing are required to perform the test.
  • The test kit contains all the materials needed to perform the test. Furthermore, Actim Influenza A&B can be stored at room temperature, no specific cold storage arrangements are required.
  • The test is also available with both influenza A and B positive controls for quality assurance purposes.

How it works

How Actim Influenza A&B works

The Actim Influenza A&B rapid test is based on highly specific monoclonal antibodies that detect nucleoprotein of the virus. This is the internal part of the virus that is not subject to annual structural changes. Actim Influenza A&B is specific to influenza and does not detect other respiratory viruses, such as adenovirus, rapid respiratory syncytial virus, or rhinovirus. It detects a wide range of Influenza A subtypes, including H5N3, H7N3, H9N2, H5N1 (“avian flu”), and H1N1v (“swine flu”).

About influenza virus nucleoprotein

  • Nucleoprotein encapsidates the RNA genome of the virus.
  • It is conserved across influenza virus subtypes.

Actim Influenza A&B can be used for various respiratory samples: nasal aspirates, nasal washes, or swabs, and it is suitable for viscous samples as well.

How it helps

How Actim Influenza A&B helps

Influenza diagnostics tests have a crucial role in detecting individual cases and monitoring the spread of different viral strains. However, many available tests methods are time- consuming, and they often require the use of laboratory equipment as well as help from trained laboratory staff. Actim® Influenza A&B enables fast and easy influenza testing.

Antiviral drugs may ease the severity of the symptoms and shorten the duration of the infection. For risk groups, antivirals may prevent the more severe form of influenza and the need of hospitalization. However, antivirals work best, when the treatment starts at the early onset of the symptoms (usually within 2 days). Therefore, the importance of early detection of influenza is crucial. A positive result from Actim Influenza A&B helps decision-making and enhances the prescription of the right treatment in a timely manner.

Actim Influenza A&B diagnoses influenza without any delay

  • Actim Influenza A&B enables reliable testing on the spot.
  • The test results are available within a few minutes only.
  • No laboratory facilities are required to perform the test or to interpret the test results.
  • The test enables early start of antiviral treatment.
  • Actim Influenza A&B helps monitoring the development of the influenza epidemic.

How to use it

How to use Actim Influenza A&B

The kit contains all the materials required to perform the test, and it can conveniently be stored at room temperature (+2–30 °C).

Collect a respiratory sample

Nasal/nasopharyngeal swab, nasal wash/aspirate.

Extract the sample for nasal/nasopharyngeal swab

Dispense 12 drops of Swab Extraction Buffer into the test tube.

Place the swab into the test tube and swirl around for about 10 seconds. Press the swab against the wall of the tube and remove it from the tube.

Extract the sample for nasal wash/aspirate:

Dispense 3 drops of Extraction Buffer into the test tube.

Mix the solutions well.

Activate the test

Place the yellow dip area into the test tube with extracted sample and leave it there until reading.

Interpret results

  • A positive result can be read as soon as it becomes visible.
    One blue line in the lower part of the result area = influenza A positive
    One blue line in the middle part of the result area = influenza B positive
    Two blue lines in the result area = influenza A and B positive.
  • A negative result should be confirmed at 10 minutes.
    Only a black control line is visible = influenza virus not detected, further investigation needed.

How to order it

How to order Actim Influenza A&B

Actim Influenza A&B test kit contains 20 tests and it is available with or without controls. All the test kits contain:

  • Dipsticks (individually packed)
  • Swab Extraction Buffer
  • Extraction Buffer
  • Swabs
  • Test tubes
  • Brief instructions
  • Instructions for use

In addition, Actim Influenza A&B test kit 32836ETAC contains external influenza control swabs: one control swab each of Positive Control A and Positive Control B.

Ordering information

  • Actim Influenza A&B 20 test kit with controls | product code 32836ETAC
  • Actim Influenza A&B 20 test kit | product code 32837ETAC


MDSAP 13485 and ISO 13485 can be found here.